What is coaching?

Coaching comes from the sports world, where the trainer – or coach – helps the athlete on a mental level to realize her full potential and thereby achieve the best results. Back in the 1970s some people in the U.S. had already begun to transfer coaching techniques to life outside of sports, and in recent decades coaching has evolved and become a success across most of the western world.

The alliance between the coach and the client is a thought-provoking and creative processThe alliance between the coach and the client is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize his or her personal and professional potential. This makes coaching an efficient tool to gain more self-consciousness and to reach for present and future goals.

Coaching consists of a series of questioning techniques and methods. The questions are put in such a way that you find out what you can do to solve your problem. In other words, coaching is about discovering and exploiting your potential. You find your own truth and get to know more about what is right for you. You are your own expert in living your life – and thus the best person to give advice to suit your experience, abilities and personal values.

To me, as your coach, it is of the greatest importance that you feel comfortable, listened to and encouraged to find out what personal resources you have not yet discovered. I’ll help you recognize what prevents you from getting what you want and at all times support you in overcoming obstacles and achieving more in life. And I do my utmost to make it happen in an honest, efficient and enjoyable way.

Feel free to contact me for any reason. I’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs or explain further about coaching.

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