Dealing with cultural diversity

While globalisation is making the world smaller, cultural differences sometimes seem to get in the way of our understanding of each other.

If you are working in an international, multicultural environment you most likely know how frustrating even small issues can be.

What, on one hand, seems exciting and challenging, may on the other hand feel immensely frustratingWhat seems, on the one hand, exciting and challenging about working with people from other cultures, can, on the other hand, seem irritating and frustrating. Why can’t they just think and do as I do? Why do they have to make such a fuss about things? or ”Why do they keep ignoring the problem that’s so obvious to me?”.

To overcome these difficulties in every day life we need to understand more about how ”the other” thinks, reckons, feels and reacts. When we understand a bit more about the reasons why, we find more possibilities for communicating in an effective and forthcoming way.

I’ve dealt with this situation myself and understand the need to express and share thoughts as part of the process of solving the issues.

Would you like to have a dialogue about cultural diversity in order to make yourself understood, or to understand more about how to communicate in a multicultural group? Feel free to contact me for any reason.