How to say no!

Did you – like so many others – get the feeling as a child that you had to be able to adapt to almost any situation? Were you told that it is forbidden to say no when someone asks for help? Are you on your way to wearing yourself out by saying yes, even if you have a greater desire to say no? Oh well, I guess you do – and you probably know it’s not doing your self-confidence any good.

It is not so hard to say no once you’ve learnt it.But do you also know that you can learn to say no in a systematic manner, and thus take care of yourself? By saying no, you tell other people that your limit has been reached, and that you do not want to disappoint or hurt them.

Through NLP techniques I can help you say no in a way that you feel good about. So you believe what you say – and say what you think. Maybe along the way you will have to adjust your own expectations, but it is not so hard to say no once you’ve learnt it.

Do you want an inspiring meeting where you can practice opting out, and get insight into the habits and patterns that stop you caring for yourself? Contact me.

A coaching conversation can be just what gives you the courage to say no when you mean it.