Want a new job?

Maybe inapproproate circumstances are preventing you from realizing your full potentialThe national and international job market is varied and dynamic and can be overwhelming. There are numerous jobs advertised on various websites, but which are you eligible to apply for? Or the more important question – what do you really want to do with your life?

Maybe you feel dissatisfied with the most obvious job opportunities. Or you feel overlooked by your company or your manager. Even worse – you feel you are at the wrong company and don’t seem to be able to achieve the success you think you should be capable of because of inappropriate circumstances. For many reasons it is sensible and vital to take matters into your own hands and make a realistic plan for your future.

Much to think about

I have worked in career coaching for more than 15 years and have solid experience of the process, the writing of applications and how to get the best out of a job interview.There is a lot to think about: What do you want your professional life to be like? How would you like to work in the future – and within which industries and geographic area? What skills would you like to focus on? How will you seek your new employment – through recruitment agencies, direct from the company, with unsolicited applications, or perhaps through your network? What will you emphasize about yourself at the interview? What does a psychological test actually test? And how do you achieve a decent salary?

Sparring partner

Whether you have already quit your job in frustration or are afraid of your workplace’s future situation, it can be a great help to have a sparring partner to support you in clarifying and describing your professional and personal skills. As I do not know you, I am free to see new opportunities which make the best possible use of your skills.

Contact me to hear more about what is perhaps the most important investment in the rest of your working life.