Coach for more than a decade…

I have been a qualified NLP Master Practitioner since 1999, and immediately after qualifying I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto one of the first coach trainings held in Denmark. It was led by the acclaimed American Master Coach (MCC) Jan Elfline and led to me becoming a Mastertrained Coach in 2000. At that time coaching was relatively unknown in Denmark, but in the USA it was already considered an effective tool for people who wanted to create change in their lives; both personal and professional. Since 2000 the market for coaching has quickly grown in Northern Europe and today it is a natural part of everyday life for a lot of people across all professions.

For me, coaching is an alliance between two people, one of whom – namely you – is in focus.As you might know, the word “coaching” has become quite a broad term. On the Web, in books and in various courses you can find thousands of definitions. For me, coaching is an alliance between two people, one of whom – namely you – is in focus. The product of this alliance is action and learning – which in combination lead to change. The learning you will achieve through this alliance generates new resourcefulness, expanded possibilities and a stronger momentum for change.

I use a number of techniques to help you discover your own answers and I carefully push you to the edge of your comfort zone, so you can develop at the speed that is right for you.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), where I’m accredited as Associated Certified Coach (ACC) and work according to their ethics standards.

I am continuously under supervision of mentor coaches, both Danish and International.