Career coaching

I reached out to Lis after coming to a point in my career where I had realized it was time to make a real change but was not too sure how or towards what. I didn’t really know what to expect of our coaching sessions, I had tried using a coach before but had not really got anything ”tangible” out of it. I was looking for specific answers that could help me find direction. Lis was very clear with me from our very first phone call and managed my expectations regarding the type of coaching work she thought I needed and what I would and would not be able to get out of it. After the first session I could really sense I was onto something so I went for 4 sessions more in a period of 4 months. Lis helped me – with her insight and her challenging questions – find out which are the most important values that I need fulfilled in order to succeed. It might sound easy but it’s not! The process has helped me tremendously to understand why some jobs fulfil me while others drain me and, most importantly, what I need to do and look for to change career path from here on. It has been a real pleasure to work with Lis, she shows a keen interest and is very good at challenging you, coming up with  new perspectives and can draw examples from experience, not only theory.

I can definitely recommend her as a coach.